Why Compost?

Composting has many benefits for not only the environment, but also for you and your yard!

Compost helps replenish needed nutrients in the soil to keep it rich and healthy, thus you can avoid using expensive synthetic fertilizers and soil treatments. It can help nourish and protect your plants when used as a mulch. You’ll also be doing your part in keeping useable organic waste out of landfills.

Composting is so easy to do. All it takes is some yard scraps like grass and lawn clippings or kitchen waste such as fruit and vegetable peels and rinds, eggshells, tea bags and coffee grounds. Add these to a hidden pile in your yard or place in a compost bin or suitable container. Mother Nature will do the rest of the work.

Learn more about composting and other eco-friendly tips by watching our Healthy Garden Series.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r76uP7mgHM0[/embedyt]

Learn how yard scraps and food, with a little help from Mother Nature, can help replenish needed nutrients in the soil from Rick Carr, compost production specialist at Rodale Institute.

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