When Should You See a Doctor for Flu?

Last updated on July 21st, 2022 at 03:52 pm

Dr. Ken Redcross tends to a young patient.

You’ve been hit hard by flu. Your symptoms – body aches, fever, chills, headache, and fatigue – just don’t seem to be going away, even after several days. Is it time to seek help from a health care professional or visit the emergency room?

“If you’re not feeling better after about 72 hours, you should see a doctor or go the emergency room, especially in a flu season like this, where the virus is aggressive,” says Dr. Ken Redcross of Redcross Concierge in New York City.

Signs that it’s time to escalate your care include when your fever isn’t responding to treatment and you’re feeling shortness of breath, he says, noting that patients can get sicker and possibly contract pneumonia.

Another sign that your flu is worsening is when you start to feel a little better but then the symptoms return. “If you’re feeling listless over a period of time and you’re not able to get to things because of your illness, you should see a doctor,” Dr. Redcross says.

In children, you should visit the emergency room when they’re not eating or getting enough fluids and they’re cranky and inconsolable. “Don’t wait to try and get a doctor’s appointment. Go right to the ER, especially if there’s a high fever,” he says.

Click here for flu tips from Dr. Redcross, including when to seek medical attention. For more information on staying healthy during the flu season, visit oscillo.com/wellness.


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2 thoughts on “When Should You See a Doctor for Flu?”

  1. I appreciate how you mentioned that if your flu symptoms last more than 72 hours, you should head to emergency care right away to be seen by a medical professional. My sister is having flu symptoms and hasn’t been able to leave the house all week. I’ll have to recommend that her husband take her to an urgent care right away so she can get the medical treatment she needs to improve.

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