How Champion Cyclist Anneke Beerten Perseveres Through the Pandemic

Last updated on September 15th, 2022 at 10:07 am

The incentive to keep exercising regularly can be challenging under normal circumstances, but the isolation of the current pandemic has posed additional problems. Our familiar routines have evaporated as some gyms and local recreation centers remain closed. During Movember, many are challenging themselves to move for men’s health, and biking has been booming. We sat down with world champion mountain bike rider Anneke Beerten to learn about her passion for the sport and ways she stays motivated when the world is on hold.

You’ve been cycling ever since you were a little girl in the Netherlands. What got you hooked, and how do you keep your passion fueled?

As a little girl, I was always full of energy and once my parents gave me a bicycle at the age of 3, I was hooked! To me, riding a bike is so much more than just getting from point A to B. I love that I forget all my worries or stress the moment I hop on my bike and feel the wind through my hair. It keeps me fit and has created a lot of  friendships, but what fuels me most is inspiring the next generation and reaching my goals in racing. Nothing beats that feeling when you are on the top step of the podium.

In 2020, lots of things were put on hold. When you’re not able to race or actively train, how do you maintain your fitness at home?

In the beginning of the pandemic, I felt a bit lost with no racing on my agenda, no training plan, and not being able to go outside. My daily routine was gone! It didn’t take long for me to make my own little home gym in the garage and set up an indoor trainer. I made sure to go on walks and get a daily routine going again. The moment I started working out again, I felt so much better!

This year, we also saw a boom in biking like never before. Do you have any helpful tips for cycling newbies?

Yes! It is amazing to see. The beauty of cycling is anyone can do it. And as a tip I would say, go out and do it! The moment you get on the bike you will feel the freedom a bike gives you. Try to find a friend that is already into cycling and have him join you on your first few rides. It is always a great motivation and more fun when you can do it with your friends. 

For some people, aches and pains can kill their fitness mojo. How has Arnicare supported your goals and lifestyle?

Arnicare as supported my lifestyle since I was a little girl. My mom would use it for my bumps and bruises, and I would have those frequently. Nowadays, I don’t travel without it and use it often. Homeopathic medicines like Arnicare have helped me recover faster, not only when I am injured but also from having the flu, a cold, or a bad sunburn. 

What does the future hold for Anneke Beerten?

Hopefully many more years of riding and sharing my passion for cycling with everyone, especially the next generation of kids. There is a bright future ahead of us with so many kids getting into cycling right now. 

You can follow all of Beerten’s racing adventures on Instagram @annekebeerten and visit for everyday pain relief and sports care tips.

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