Healthy Spices for Cold and Flu Season

Last updated on July 25th, 2022 at 09:54 am

Fall is here and so is cough, cold and flu season! Now is a good time to make sure your family is eating a balanced diet that helps support a healthy lifestyle and keeps their bodies strong enough to fight off seasonal illnesses. And you don’t have to look further than your own kitchen pantry! You may want to incorporate some additional spices into your diet as recommended by board-certified general practitioner Lawrence Rosen, MD, author of Treatment Alternatives for Children.  These spice rack essentials include:

Oregano, garlic and thyme are just some of the spices that help support a healthy diet.

Oregano close upOregano: To help fight the common cold, try Oregano. Oregano is said to help strengthen the body’s immune system, and alleviate cold symptoms. It’s also a natural antibacterial. Oregano contains healthy nutrients such as omega-3, iron and potassium.

Garlic close upGarlic: To help protect the body against infections, try garlic. It contains nutrients like vitamin C and zinc to help support the body’s natural immune response.

Thyme close upThyme: When you’re feeling congested or have a cough, try incorporating thyme into your meals. It is said to be helpful especially when it is used in oil or tea form.

To help you incorporate more of these spices into your family’s diet, click here for some tasty but healthy recipes.


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