Why These Boiron Fans Love Arnicare & Calendula

Last updated on July 27th, 2022 at 04:08 pm

An active summer is synonymous with bumps, bruises and burns, and your fun in the sun is sure to cause its fair share of scrapes and sore muscles. Many of our Boiron fans are always prepared with a well-stocked first aid kit containing Arnicare and Calendula topicals.  Read some of the stories they shared with us below.

Arnicare Gel is just what I need. The clear gel isn’t sticky or greasy. I don’t notice any odor, and it absorbs into my skin quickly. The coolness feels nice instantly and within a few moments – poof! – my aches and pains are significantly reduced. I’ve used it for muscle aches and strains and for bruises. This is my go-to product for fast pain relief. If you experience aches and pains, Arnicare is worth checking out.-Valerie M., Silverado, Calif.

With three little boys and a very active lifestyle, cuts, scrapes and burns happen a lot around here. And actually I was the first in the family to require [Calendula Cream], as I burnt my hand taking bread out of the oven. Let me tell you, I have used my fair share of burn creams. In high school, I worked in a pizzeria and still have scars on my hands from it. This cream soothed the burn on my hand, and helped along the healing process. And since it is homeopathic, it doesn’t have that nose-burning antiseptic smell, nor is it super greasy. I think it is safe to say that every home needs a tube of Calendula Cream from Boiron. –Pamela O., Eugene, Ore.

I was actually introduced to the wonders of Arnicare many years ago by my best friend (and former college roommate). She swore by the stuff, and when I got a HUGE bruise on my leg – I had lost a fight with a futon – she said I needed to get some. This bruise hurt like crazy and it was gigantic, taking up almost the entire region from my knee to my calf, and I would’ve done anything to get rid of it and the aching pain. So I bought my first bottle of Arnicare…and never went back. Not only did it ease the pain, but the bruise was gone in record time. I also bruise pretty easily, but all I need to do is to dab on a little Arnicare a few times a day and it goes away. I now make sure my house is equipped with Arnicare Gel at all times! Any family with small kids, any person who is accident prone, anyone with sore muscles…really everyone needs Arnicare. –Elana K., Brighton, Mass.

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