When the Foods You Love Don’t Love You Back

Last updated on July 21st, 2022 at 03:57 pm

Vacations, sporting events, and concerts may be on hold at the moment, and your favorite restaurant might not be accepting reservations just yet. There’s no doubt that life in lockdown has been stressful, and coping with that stress may be changing the way we eat.

Many have turned to their favorite comfort foods for solace. A recent survey of 23,000 people revealed that snacking is on the rise, and many are purchasing more cookies and other confections. Those working from home know how hard it can be to resist a short trip to the refrigerator when it’s only a few steps away.

The nostalgia and comfort taken in certain meals can be invaluable, especially in times of stress. Unfortunately, these same indulgences — made so delicious by high levels of sugar, fat, and carbohydrates — can leave you feeling miserable later. Added stresses from life can also put your gut in a precarious position, making it harder for your digestive system to do its work.

Life (and gut health) is all about balance, and it’s often not very practical, or sustainable, to banish the foods you love. Instead, a few lifestyle fixes can do the trick.

Slow down. Whether you’re diving in to your favorite takeout dish or sitting down to family dinner, remember to chew slowly and savor each bite. This technique alone can prevent you from overeating and feeling uncomfortable with indigestion and gas.

Make the food you love at home. Though takeaway meals and prepared foods are convenient, they may contain fillers or ingredients that your stomach doesn’t like. By making your favorite dish at home, you can control the ingredients and amounts used, so you’ll still get the flavor you crave without the junk.

Put on your shoes and head out for a walk. The after-dinner stroll is commonplace in many cultures. That’s because it helps with digestion. A short, brisk walk after a heavy meal can move food through your stomach and intestines faster, and faster digestion has been linked to lower rates of heartburn.

Don’t use antacids because they can make digestive issues worse. It’s true, antacids work on heartburn by neutralizing stomach acid, but they also slow digestion. They can even interfere with the absorption of essential nutrients and vitamins, and interact with prescription medications. Some antacids contain ingredients like magnesium that can set off diarrhea or aluminum, which can cause constipation.

Along with these common sense measures, you can also try some homeopathic solutions. Boiron offers convenient multi-symptom medicines Acidil, Diaralia, or Gasalia for those seeking more general digestive relief, as well as single “blue tube” medicines to target specific digestive symptoms.

Discover which medicine can help keep your belly happy and healthy by downloading the free Boiron Medicine Finder app today. 

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