Ultra Runner Diane Van Deren is Never Without Her Arnica

Last updated on July 21st, 2022 at 03:32 pm

Coloradan Diane Van Deren is one of the world’s top endurance runners. In 2009, she won the Yukon Arctic Ultra, a 430-mile foot race across frozen wilderness, and in 2012, she broke the speed record on North Carolina’s Mountains to Sea Trail, running 1,000 miles in only 22 days. Most recently, she completed two 62-mile races within six days of each other in the Philippines, placing fourth in the first race and second in the second.

Diane Van Deren

For most of us, running 124 miles in one week’s time is unimaginable. For Van Deren, it’s part of who she is. Almost 15 years ago, Van Deren had a lobectomy to treat epileptic seizures. The surgery was successful, and since then, she’s experienced a significant change in her physical endurance—she can run without pause for hours. “My legs serve as my words to inspire others to reach their own achievements,” says Van Deren. “I appreciate each chance I have to touch a finish line.”

A supporter of homeopathic medicines, Van Deren is never without her Arnica when she crosses that line, and she wrote to thank us for helping her finish her most recent races. “Your Arnica was an absolute lifesaver for the amount of stress my body went through for two high-profile races. Thanks for your added touch,” she says. And to that we say, “You’re welcome, Diane! Good luck in your next race in Costa Rica—don’t forget your Arnicare!”

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