Tips For Pain-Free Spring Cleaning from Florida Pharmacist

Last updated on July 21st, 2022 at 03:22 pm

Despite recent snowfalls, warmer weather is fast approaching, and many of us have already taken out our buckets, rags and rubber gloves in preparation for an all-out spring assault on our apartments and homes. 539wBut before we start reaching to wipe dusty ceiling fans or bending to lift stacks of old magazines, tune in to “Public Affairs with Yary Uhing” tomorrow on KMNY 1360 AM (Dallas/Fort Worth, Tx). Pharmacist Dr. Luis Caban and Uhing will discuss how we can get the job done without triggering the muscle aches and pains often associated with the spring cleaning season.

“Springtime, with its warmer temperatures and longer days, often makes us feel as though we need to get lots done, and therefore we often attempt to do too much too quickly,” says Dr. Caban. “Rushing makes us overuse or over-stretch our muscles, and the result of that typically is myalgia (muscle pain), soreness and stiffness.” Dr. Caban’s tips will keep us from being sidelined by pain during 2013’s “get-r-done” season, especially if we remember to have a natural pain-relieving gel like Arnicare Gel on hand at all times.

KMNY 1360 AM is a Hispanic radio station in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Not a local resident? Listen to KMNY live on the web.

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