The Yoga Enthusiast’s Guide to Pain-Free Practice

Last updated on July 28th, 2022 at 01:57 pm

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There’s no better way to celebrate National Yoga Month than exploring the many positive benefits of  this ancient practice and the art of mindful meditation. Hundreds of community events are organized each September as part of the national observance. And for newbies, it’s the perfect time to improve your health and flexibility. Yoga can be enjoyed by all age groups and levels of fitness.

You can increase your flexibility, strengthen your body, and improve your balance while mastering this form of exercise. However, you can also test your limits and become more susceptible to injury caused by overstretching or misalignment. It’s best to learn how to practice your poses correctly from a qualified instructor and to pay close attention to your body to avoid overdoing it.

Stretching before you step onto the mat will prepare your muscles for the moves ahead and can help you stave off a potential injury. Starting off slowly and easing into a more difficult routine can also help keep pain at bay, especially for beginners. Staying hydrated is also essential. Organic produce should be integrated into your daily diet so you don’t have to rely on prepackaged food. Avoiding sugar is also fundamental in reducing pain. Good nutrition can give you more energy and stamina for your workouts.

When an injury occurs, be sure to rest and minimize your physical activity. You can apply ice to the injured area and elevate the affected arm or leg. You can also apply a topical pain reliever, made from a natural active ingredient, like Boiron Arnicare Gel or Cream. These homeopathic topicals will not only help relieve neck, back, shoulder, and leg muscle pain and stiffness, but also swelling from injuries and bruising. Arnicare is made from Arnica montana, a type of mountain daisy that has been used for centuries to relieve muscle aches and bruises.

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