Stress Relievers That Won’t Break the Bank

Last updated on July 27th, 2022 at 03:47 pm

We all need a little break now and then from the pressures of everyday life. But we don’t always have time or money to spend on luxurious relaxation activities.

The good news is stress relief doesn’t have to cost a lot. If you are feeling frazzled, there are some simple and inexpensive things you can do right now to relax and reset your nerves.

From OMG to Om. Meditation is one practice that has stood the test of time. Studies have shown that people who meditate report feelings of calmness and inner peace. There different varieties of meditation to choose from, including mantra meditation and mindful meditation. If you’re new to this practice or want to incorporate it into your daily life, the free Stop, Breathe, and Think app can offer guidance.

Sniff Some Relief. A small whiff of essential oil can boost your mood if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Light and airy lavender is the most popular scent for alleviating stress and sleep disturbances. Other scents that inspire tranquility include sweet, spicy bergamot and richly floral Ylang-Ylang. These oils can be added to hot baths or used in diffusers. Panicked at work? Just sprinkle a few drops on a tissue and keep at your desk.

Take a Bite Out of Stress. The next time you are feeling tense, reach for a bar of dark chocolate. New research found that this sweet confection had a positive impact on stress levels, while also improving memory, immunity, and mood. Researchers believe this is due to the large amount of antioxidant-rich flavonoids found in cacao. Make sure to treat yourself with chocolate that has at least 70 percent cacao or more.

Hit the Homeopathic Aisle. For an all-around stress reliever, try non-habit-forming StressCalm. It relieves nervous tension, hypersensitivity, irritability, and fatigue due to occasional stress.* Unlike other medications, StressCalm calms without the use of sedatives, so it won’t make you drowsy or affect alertness. You can find this homeopathic medicine in a store near you, or shop online.

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*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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