Soothe Your Summer Skin with Calendula

Calendula can help heal skin exposed to the elements.

Calendula officinalis, better known as a Garden marigold, offers more than its good looks. This flower has healing power! With its bright yellow-orange blossoms, Calendula has been used for centuries as a healing and soothing substance for skin irritations like cuts, scrapes, chafing, minor burns and sunburn.

This medicine cabinet staple is available in a cream, ointment or gel from Boiron so there are many ways you can use it to heal your summer skin. Here are a few to keep in mind:


Even if you’re prepared for sunburn, you should still use common sense and protect yourself with sunscreen and a hat. But if you’ve fallen asleep in the sun or forgot to reapply sunblock, try Calendula Cream. This formula is suited for conditions that require moisturizing the skin.

Barbecue burns

Minor burns that occur in the kitchen and around the outdoor grill may need more time to heal than minor sunburn. Use Calendula Ointment because it adheres to the skin longer for prolonged action.

Insect bites

Unless you spend the summer indoors, bug bites are hard to avoid. Calendula Gel provides cool and soothing relief from stinging skin irritations.

Dry skin

Skin is exposed more to the elements during warm weather. From feet in open shoes to lips dried out from sun, convertible rides, and chlorinated pools, use Calendula Cream. Try rubbing the cream into cracked heels and using it as a lip balm.

Sandal blisters

Those new sandals may look comfortable, but your feet just aren’t used to those straps. If a blister should arise, don’t pierce it. This exposes the skin to infection. Most blisters heal naturally, but for a speedier recovery, apply Calendula Ointment to the blister and cover with a bandage.

Minor cuts

It seems most kids can’t get through the day without a cut or scraped knee of some sort. This is true during summer days as well as on the playground when school is in session. Both kids and accident-prone adults will appreciate non-stinging Calendula Cream.

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This flower has healing power!

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4 thoughts on “Soothe Your Summer Skin with Calendula”

  1. Dear Boiron,
    Ref: Boiron Calendula Gel

    Just taking a moment to thank you for this miraculous product!! A bit on my story! I have many health issues, am disabled and getting old ( not to brag lol 🙂 and I get every kind of rash ( insanely itchy and otherwise ) and allergic reaction under the sun ( worse as aged ). Got very little relief/help through the years from OTC traditional medicines in US. Cortisone creams the best I could do for itch. Tried them ALL, over and over. Rashes always made worse with emotional stress, and even get stress itches too for which it ALSO works!!! Your Calendula ( Gel ) is the ONLY thing that works, it is truly amazing, and you have honestly saved my life with it!! The stress alone from the rashes near kills me they can get so bad, I mean impossible rashes, usually allergic reactions ( such as to adhesives/tapes etc ) but 2 had no idea why got them. It is nothing short of miraculous for me!!! Have has astounding results.

    I have been tweeting about it 🙂 and spreading the word!! Told my sister, a grandmother ( who will be trying it for daughter with skin like mine and for the kids, the babies’ for diaper rash ( after checks which product recommended ) etc.. As we were talking, her son ( now in his 40’s ) phoned about a terrible chemical burn/reaction on his face he was suffering from. We told him, and I texted him a photo of the tube so sure he got the right one. He tried it, and got amazing results – healed – gone in 3 days!!! In time for his holiday vacation :).

    I now have metastatic cancer (BC), so am sharing all my best tips :)!! I will definitely be trying it if they want to try radiation again ( for burns ). O course it works like a charm to heal from insect bites ( get eaten alive 🙂 in summer so clearly saved me up all night itching ( badly ),

    I have long been interested in Homeopathic medicine, researched heavily for years ( many years ago ) along with vitamins/minerals/ natural remedies, when I was in cosmetology school way back :). Never forgot what I learned, which is why I suddenly remembered Calendula when suffering a bad ( very bad, itching and weeping ) reaction approximately a year ago and bought Boiron gel at the drug store. Thank and praise God I did!! Will NEVER be without it again. and am doing my best my big family is never without it in their medicine cabinet either!!!!

    Thank you again, apologies so long, just had to share with you!!!
    You are the BEST!!
    Very sincerely.
    Cheryl Greco

    1. Cheryl, we are so happy to hear that Calendula has helped you and your family. Thank you for your kind words!

  2. I looove calendula gel, I’m allergic to spiders webs, and there are a lot in my backyard, sometimes I walk right into them and then of course I get a rush on my face, immediately use the gel and it’s like magic.

    1. Hi Ileana, walking into spider webs can be such an unpleasant experience, and especially with your allergy. We are so happy to hear that Calendula Gel has been able to help!

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