Soothe Your Sinuses with Homeopathic Goldenseal

If you walk down the aisles of your favorite health food store, you’re sure to spot many products containing an herb called goldenseal. It’s a wildly popular supplement that many people use for immune support and respiratory health. Homeopathy also makes use of this wonderful little plant in a medicine that helps ease sinus and mucus symptoms.

What is Goldenseal?

Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) is a perennial herb belonging to the buttercup family. This low-growing, woodland plant with hairy stems with large, lobed leaves grows natively in eastern Canada and the US. In April, each plant blooms a solitary white flower that produces a crimson berry resembling a raspberry. But it’s the roots that are most often used in medicinal applications. They contain potent concentrations of berberine, hydrastine, and canadine alkaloids with anti-inflammatory, astringent, and antimicrobial properties.

A favorite of the Cherokee Nation, goldenseal was introduced to settlers by Native Americans in North America. They used the juice of the herb as a wash for sore eyes and mouths, and mixed it in tonics and teas for stomach complaints.

Goldenseal’s soothing effect on mucous membranes is why it’s still around today. It can be found in mouthwashes for canker sores and dietary supplements, often in combination with echinacea, for people experiencing congestion from colds or allergies.

Hydrastis Homeopathic Remedy

Homeopathic Hydrastis canadensis is prepared using fresh-cut roots and rhizomes (underground stems) of the goldenseal plant. Several quality control measures are performed to clean the plants, confirm their identity, and test for purity. They are then steeped in alcohol to create an herbal tincture from which homeopathic dilutions are made.

If you experience irritating postnasal drip from allergies or a cold, Hydrastis canadensis can bring welcome relief. Take 5 pellets of a 6C dilution 3 times a day to reduce thick nasal discharge.* You can also find Hydrastis canadensis as an active ingredient in Chestal Cold & Cough where it relieves a runny nose.

Learn more about the homeopathic uses of Boiron Hydrastis canadensis in this video featuring Gary Kracoff, NMD, RPh.

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*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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18 thoughts on “Soothe Your Sinuses with Homeopathic Goldenseal”

  1. Can this item be used by someone who has highblood pressure and is on medication? I know the herb itself is not recommended. Thanks.

    1. Hello Tina, unlike herbs and supplements, homeopathic medicines are not contraindicated with pre-existing conditions and have no known interactions with other medicines or prescriptions. Hope this helps!

  2. Which product should I take for allergic rhinitis and post nasal drip? I have tried Bioron Sinisalia and RhinAllergy . Which is the one I should be taking?

    1. Hi Liane, allergies are one of the most common causes for postnasal drip. RhinAllergy relieves runny nose and nasal discharge, so it’ll help to reduce excessive mucus that drips down the throat. (SinusCalm is useful for the opposite problem of nasal congestion.) Hope that helps!

  3. Linda Anderson

    I had heard that when taking this supplement, the it is important that you don’t have anything by mouth (including water, coffee, milk, and food) for 20-30 minutes Before AND After taking this supplement.
    Also, apparently my post nasal drip may be caused by not only allergies, but also from GE Reflux. Will this supplement aid in the reflux part of my issue, or only for my allergies?
    If you’d kindly clarify these 2 issues for me, I’d be very appreciative.
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Linda, we recommend taking homeopathic medicine 15 minutes before or after eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth (unless otherwise indicated on the box). Whatever food particles or flavors remain in your mouth may interfere with or delay absorption, so consider rinsing your mouth with water before taking.

      Homeopathic Hydrastis canadensis relieves postnasal drip, but it is also indicated in the treatment of dyspeptic disorders like indigestion, so it may be helpful for symptoms from both conditions.

  4. My nasal mucosa has become dry due to the corona that I now have major problems breathing .. The air is experienced too cold and I feel that it stings and buzzes in the nose constantly. Can Golden Seal help? Unfortunately, no medical help has been helpful

    1. Hi Helena, Natrum muriaticum 30C is better suited to relieving runny nose with stinging pain in the nasal cavity. However, Boiron is unaware of any specific homeopathic treatment for coronavirus infections and we urge you to follow the advice of your health care practitioner.

  5. Will the Boiron Hydrastis canadensis help me cure acute sinusitis caused by allergic rhinitis or cold? I would like to take it instead of antibiotics. I also have postnasal drip. Thank you!

    1. Hello Tatevik, Boiron over-the-counter medicines are recommended for acute, self-limiting conditions and not infections like sinusitis.

  6. I have been dealing with terrible post-nasal drip for over 3 years now. I started taking 6c of Hydrastis Canadensis around that time. I has since needed to up the amount of pellets to get relief. I’m now going though an entire tube a day. I’ve also been using it every single day. What could this do to my body? Could it affect my immune system?

    1. Hi Maribeth, Hydrastis canadensis is intended for use for up to 3 days at a time. You should discontinue use and speak to your doctor if you would like to take it for longer. Additionally, you may want to consider switching to another medicine to provide you with better relief. You can speak to a homeopathic practitioner who will be able to determine a new course of treatment and give you a tailored dosing regimen. To locate a homeopath in your area, visit the National Center for Homeopathy at

    1. Hi Judy, yes Hydrastis canadensis is most commonly used to relieve post-nasal drip, but there are a few other medicines to use depending on your symptoms. Spigelia anthelmia is indicated when post-nasal drip is accompanied by sinus pain. For post-nasal drip associated with hay fever and occurring at night, then use Sinapis nigra. The duration for use of these medicine is 3 days unless your doctor has specified otherwise.

  7. I have bought goldenseal root powder, hoping it will help with a chronic sinus infection I’ve had for years. Exactly. How do I take it?

    1. Hi Becky, Boiron does not make or sell manufacture goldenseal root powder. Please reach out to your product’s manufacturer for questions.

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