Quietude Wins Better Nutrition’s Best of Supplements Award

Last updated on August 6th, 2022 at 11:56 am

BetterNutritionBestOfSupps2013Boiron Quietude has been selected as one of the winners of Better Nutrition Magazine’s 2013 Best of Supplements Awards!

To choose this year’s winners, the Better Nutrition editorial team and their contributing writers and health experts combed through hundreds of products, focusing on quality and type of ingredients, product uniqueness in the marketplace, popularity of product, and reader and expert feedback. This sixth annual guide to supplements brings together the team’s favorites from the industry’s leading natural product companies. Click here to download Better Nutrition’s shopping list of all 65 Best of Supplements Award winners to use as a guide at the health food store.Download Adobe Reader

A winner in the homeopathic remedies category, Quietude temporarily relieves sleeplessness, restless sleep and occasional awakening without causing grogginess or a risk of dependency. It helps an overactive mind calm down, and it’s perfect for when your head hits the pillow but you keep going over your to-do list or replaying the day’s events. ColdcalmAdult_05-21-13If you’ve had a particularly exciting day—whether it’s from good or bad news—prepare for bed by taking Quietude once in the early evening and then again at bedtime. Look for Quietude in the November 2013 issue of Better Nutrition. Available at Whole Foods or Vitamin Shoppe, you can also use our store locator to find a natural products or health food store near you that carries the Boiron product line.

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5 thoughts on “Quietude Wins Better Nutrition’s Best of Supplements Award”

  1. I bought Quietude at Whole Foods a few months ago, and was happily surprised to discover it works AMAZINGLY well for me (typically for early morning wakings). When I looked for it again at Whole Foods, it seems they’ve discontinued it. Same thing when I went to Sprouts nearby; they do not carry it (and I cannot say for sure whether they ever did).

    I do see it is available from Amazon. What I want to find out is, is Boiron discontinuing Quietude? (I.e., do I need to hoard up on it from Amazon, lol?)

    Thanks for making such wonderful products, many of which I have used over many decades.
    Marcy Axness

  2. hswsfcc@gmail.com

    I have been using Boiron products for years, especially Oscillococchineum….When I lived for ten years in UK ( where they don’t seem to stock them), we used to stop at several pharmacies in scattered towns in France on our campervan trips to stock up. I NEVER got sick if I took oscillococchineum immediately on getting sign of cold or flu. Merci, Boiron!

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