Protect Your Body’s Largest Organ with Spices, Healing Herbs and Homeopathy

Last updated on July 21st, 2022 at 02:07 pm

When life takes a toll on our bodies’ largest organ—our skin—there are several low-cost household items to help relieve these minor burns, cuts, scrapes and rashes. Click here to read Dr. Larry Rosen’s article, “Super Ingredients, Spices, Oils and More Mixed Up For Healthy Skin” in the October 2012 issue of Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life: 24/seven for a complete list of these items, including baking soda, chamomile oil, Calendula and rosemary.  Dr. Rosen also recommends a few helpful homeopathic medicines including Apis mellifica, Arnica montana, Sulfur and Thuja.

Searching for alternative treatments for other common conditions? Dr. Rosen’s new book, Treatment Alternatives for Children, offers several “top 10” lists of his favorite “spices, super ingredients, curative foods and beverages, indispensable oils, vital supplements, healing herbs and plants, helpful homeopathic medicines, and mind-body therapies.” As a pediatrician for the last 20 years, Dr. Rosen has “assembled a comprehensive reference guide for nearly 100 common illnesses, from allergies and asthma to sinusitis and sore throats.” Treatment Alternatives also offers side-by-side comparisons between conventional and alternative treatment options for these illnesses.

Launched in November 2010 by Joan Herrmann, host and executive producer of the “Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life” radio show, Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life: 24/seven is a free monthly digital magazine for “personal growth and self-empowerment.” For more information and to read past issues, click here.

About Dr. Rosen: Lawrence Rosen, M.D., is a nationally recognized expert in pediatric integrative medicine and chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Integrative Medicine. He is the founder of the Whole Child Center, a revolutionary primary care practice in New Jersey. Appointed as clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at UMDNJ/New Jersey Medical School, Dr. Rosen is a graduate of New York Medical College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the pediatric columnist for Kiwi magazine and medical advisor for the Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center at Hackensack UMC.

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