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Last updated on October 3rd, 2022 at 09:22 am

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Finding it difficult to focus? You’re not the only one. Concentrating on things like work and school can sometimes be challenging when you are exhausted. Stress, overworking, and lack of sleep can often cause mental fatigue, a state of tiredness characterized by a lack of focus or reduced mental clarity and physical sluggishness.

Adjustments to your routine — things like taking breaks away from the computer and going to bed earlier — go a long way towards combatting mental fatigue. But if your brain needs a boost of relief, consider the homeopathic medicine Kali phosphoricum.

Kali Phosphoricum Cell Salt

The homeopathic medicine Kali phosphoricum is made from a dilution of dipotassium phosphate, a mineral salt. In its natural form, this compound serves as a multi-purpose food and cosmetic additive. Some people also take it as a performance-enhancing supplement as a source of potassium and to support muscle recovery.

In homeopathy, Kali phosphoricum is one of the 12 primary cell salts first developed by 19th-century German doctor Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler. Cell salts are homeopathic medicines that represent key minerals the body needs to function optimally.

Homeopathic Kali phosphoricum is often referred to as a nerve cell salt because of its restorative relief. It’s used to reduce tension headaches, occasional sleeplessness, and concentration difficulties associated with physical and mental fatigue.* While this medicine won’t increase concentration or focus, it will provide symptomatic relief to help with recovery from feeling tired. It’s a must-have for people drained by intensive intellectual work, such as college students or executives. Choose the 30C dilution for these symptoms which affect both mind and body.

For more on the homeopathic uses of Boiron Kali phosphoricum, watch this video featuring Dr. Gary Kracoff, NMD, RPh.

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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22 thoughts on “Give Your Brain a Boost with Kali Phos”

  1. Excellent article. I use Kali Phos 30C for the times when I have been exhausted but unable to sleep at night due to “mind racing” and it works like a charm to help me relax and finally be able to sleep. ♥

  2. The use of Boiron products has been a part of of our wellbeing especially during the flu season and of course while Covid was around for well over 2 years. But now it is better and I can restore my larder and will start with your new product Kali Phos…..

    1. Hi Dorita, thanks for sharing such kind words. We’re honored to be part of your family’s health and well-being.

    1. Helped with horrible brain fog I was having during pms. Calmed me down and my brain didn’t feel so heavy

    1. Hello Christine, Kali phos is not contraindicated with your condition, but be sure to consult with your healthcare provider regarding OTC medications including homeopathics. Thanks!

  3. I am a Captain of airlline i am looking for medicen to relief anxitey and sleep disorder due to less sleepibg time when on flight, is caliphos permisabel where as xinex or aplazorm tablets vilium, Alp tablets are strictly not allowed its use is deducted from blood test , if I use homeopathic medicine is it safe can it be detected from urine test or normal blood test.

    1. Hello! There may be a homeopathic treatment that addresses your condition, but we recommend consulting a practitioner knowledgeable in homeopathy. Thank you!

    1. Hi Shyama, as an over-the-counter medicine manufacturer, we cannot provide information about prescription medications. Please consult your health care provider.

  4. I am looking for something to help me focus. I have anxiety and take medication for it (and would love to get off of it). Would this be safe to take with medication and would it help me focus on tasks?

    1. Hi Diane, Kali phos is not a substitute for prescription medications for anxiety or attention disorders. However, there are no known drug interactions, so you can take it with other medications without the risk of interference. Kali phos can be used whenever you experience tension headaches, occasional sleeplessness, or concentration difficulties associated with physical and mental fatigue.

    1. Hello Pasha, you should only take Kali phos when you are experiencing tension headaches, occasional sleeplessness, or concentration difficulties associated with physical and mental fatigue.

  5. Hello, I am unable to watch TV or any movie due to nerve pain on either left or right side of face on next day morning.I used to fill tired after watching mobile phone small fonts.Can Kali Phos 30 help me.Please advise.Thanks,

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