How to Stock a Healthy Kids’ Medicine Cabinet

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When your child is sick, they want nothing more than to feel better. And you want to help them as quickly and safely as possible. The first instinct is to run to the drug store but finding “kid-friendly” medications can be a challenge, especially during a severe cold and flu season when these items are in high demand.

However, there’s a range of holistic options you can have at the ready. We’ve compiled a list of natural and homeopathic medicines recommended by Boiron pharmacist Christophe Merville, D.Pharm, which you can find in stock at retailers and natural product stores nationwide, or you can order online at

Children’s Pain and Fever Relief

“Bumps and bruises are a rite of passage in childhood, and are often no cause for concern,” says Dr. Merville. While they will go away in time, you can certainly alleviate the pain and discomfort. He recommends a homeopathic Arnica topical such as Arnicare Gel to address tender bumps, bruises, and other minor injuries from the playground or sports field.*

Fever is another frequent occurrence in kids, often the symptom of a viral infection like the common cold or flu. Dr. Merville says mild fevers are beneficial for children, and it’s a sign the body is fighting off illness. Instead of relying solely on conventional fever reducers, he advises parents to keep their child comfortable with plenty of juice or popsicles and to consider a homeopathic option for managing symptoms.

Here are three “blue tube” single medicines to choose from based on the type of fever your child may experience.

  • Aconitum napellus relieves high fever (up to 102 degrees) of sudden onset with dry skin*
  • Belladonna relieves high fever (up to 102 degrees) of sudden onset with sweating*
  • Ferrum phosphoricum relieves low or mild fever occurring slowly with a tendency for earaches and nosebleeds*

It’s recommended to call your child’s doctor promptly if you notice a fever that develops with no other cold or flu symptoms, or goes above 100 degrees in children younger than 12 weeks or 102 degrees in children older than 12 weeks.

Cough & Cold Relief for Kids

According to Dr. Merville, honey is an excellent at-home remedy for soothing coughs in toddlers and older kids. That’s why Boiron offers Chestal Honey Kids cough syrup for ages 2 and up. It combines the goodness of honey along with homeopathic medicines traditionally used to relieve all types of common coughs and loosen chest congestion.* Runny noses, sneezing, and nasal congestion from a cold can all be calmed with ColdCalm Liquid Doses made for younger children.* And for older children, there’s ColdCalm Kids Pellets.

“These medicines work without causing drowsiness or hyperactivity in children,” he says. “They’re not known to interact with other medications or supplements, so it’s one less thing for a parent to worry about.”

Children’s Allergy Relief

Any child can develop seasonal allergies, but they tend to run in families. “If you are an allergy sufferer, chances are your children will be, too,” says Dr. Merville, noting that symptoms don’t usually develop until toddlerhood. A good first line of relief is sterile saline mist for nasal irritation, as well as non-drowsy AllergyCalm Kids Tablets, which conveniently relieve indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms.*

Children’s Sleep Medicine

Even if children’s sleep products aren’t in short supply, it’s always good to have some non-groggy options. While melatonin is a favorite among many parents, Dr. Merville says it may not work for every family.

“Melatonin is a hormone available as a dietary supplement. It works well for certain sleep problems associated with jet lag or night shift work, but it’s not my first choice for use in children. They are still developing, and taking too much may interfere with their body’s natural melatonin production,” he says.

Instead, try melatonin-free SleepCalm Kids, a blend of plant-based and other pure active ingredients formulated to address occasional sleeplessness and restless sleep due to upsets, excitement, schedule changes, or nightmares.* And because it doesn’t contain melatonin, there’s no next-day grogginess.

As a parent, you know life is filled with the unexpected. With this list, you’ll be better prepared to respond to your child’s sickness no matter what the shelves look like in your neighborhood drug store. Explore these and more children’s health products on

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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    1. Hi Amy, there are no known drug interactions between Boiron Belladonna and ColdCalm, and other medications, so they can be safely taken together. Please note that ColdCalm Tablets and ColdCalm Kids Pellets do contain Belladonna as an active ingredient already, while ColdCalm Baby and ColdCalm Kids Liquid Doses formulas do not.

  1. I am looking for allergy assistance for my 15 month old. She has a runny nose, itchy/puffy eyes, sneezes, and is dealing with drainage and congestion.

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