Enjoy a Healthy Fourth with Homeopathy

Last updated on August 9th, 2022 at 11:33 am

The 4th of July is all about family, friends, and celebrations. But it can also be all about bug bites, sunburn, muscle aches and indigestion!  Here are some essential Boiron medicines that can help keep your whole family’s fun going all holiday long.

Pesky bug bites are no match for Ledum palustre and Apis mellifica. If your skin is itchy and swollen after a mosquito bite, try Ledum for relief.* If it’s a sting from a wasp or chigger, Apis can help relieve the swelling, itching and burning.* A topical preparation like the non-greasy, non-sticky Calendula Gel can also soothe insect bites.*

Just because it’s a holiday, that doesn’t mean you get to skip your daily workout. If you over do it, Arnicare Gel will help relieve muscle pain and stiffness, and reduce pain, swelling and discoloration from bruising.* This non-greasy gel is absorbed quickly by the skin and does not contain parabens or have an odor.

Sunburn happens easily, especially if you’re not wearing sun screen or protective gear. To soothe your burned skin, try Calendula Cream.* Its moisturizing effect makes it ideal for large surfaces such as your legs, arms or back.

Love a plate of barbecue washed down with a cold beer but your stomach doesn’t? Nux vomica can help relieve heartburn or drowsiness due to excessive eating or drinking, especially spicy foods or alcohol.*

For a more customized treatment of your picnic woes, be sure to use our homeopathic medicine finder. This free app can help match your individual symptoms to the right medicine in three clicks or less!

* These “Uses” have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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