Celebrate Family Health & Fitness Day With Your Loved Ones & Don’t Forget the Arnicare!

Last updated on July 22nd, 2022 at 05:12 pm

Join thousands of adults and children nationwide in celebrating Family Health & Fitness Day this Saturday. Always held the last Saturday in Sept., the purpose of this national health and fitness event is to promote family involvement in physical activity, one of the goals of the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity and Health.

Local health clubs, schools, parks, hospitals, YMCAs/YWCAs, malls and other community locations across the country will host fun family-related health and fitness events all day long. And even if your community’s not holding an organized event, here are some healthy activities to do with your whole family to observe the day:

– Talk a walk around your neighborhood or a hike in the woods.

– Go for a bike ride with your family.

– Play a game of kickball, basketball, softball or football with your family, and invite your friends and neighbors to join.

– Go roller-skating together.

For more information and active ways to celebrate, visit www.fitnessday.com/family. And click here to register your local organization as an official host site of the 15th Annual Family Health & Fitness Day.

And no matter how you choose to celebrate Family Health & Fitness Day, don’t forget the Arnicare! A day of fun family physical activities could mean sore muscles or bruises when you wake up on Sunday. Be prepared to relieve the pain and bruising with Boiron’s Arnicare Gel. This non-sticky, non-greasy gel has a cooling effect for fast pain relief, and is quickly absorbed by the skin. Visit www.arnicare.com to find out where to buy Arnicare, and share your experience with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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