Bye Bye Maskne: Homeopathic Solutions for Breakouts

Masks are essential to stop the spread of COVID, and they can even make a fashion statement. But you probably weren’t prepared for their irritating side effect. Mask-related acne, also called “maskne”, is the combination of sweat, heat, and friction that happens under your mask. It creates the perfect environment for clogged pores and pimples. Certain fabrics and materials can also cause irritation.

The CDC recommends people wear face coverings in public, and many businesses and stores require them. Luckily, a little relief and some practical measures can help settle your skin and make your experience more comfortable.

Soothe Existing Irritations

First, focus on ways to soothe and settle existing skin problems. Start by regularly washing your face with a gentle cleanser to remove impurities, then moisturize to promote healing. We recommend using a homeopathic topical like Boiron Calendula Cream. This light, water-based formula contains the plant-based active ingredient Calendula officinalis (garden marigold) that heals irritations like chafing, while protecting and moisturizing skin.*

Those experiencing acne flareups can find relief with homeopathic Calcarea sulphurica 30C. This single medicine helps when small papules with pus occur on the face or under a beard.* To use, take five pellets three times a day until symptoms subside.

Prevent Future Breakouts

Once your skin is on the healing path, you’ll want to reduce the chance of future breakouts. Just like you care for your face every day, you should also clean your face covering. Wash fabric masks after each use with a hypoallergenic or fragrance-free detergent, which can help reduce additional irritation. For disposable masks, put on a new one each time and avoid re-using as the non-woven material can harbor leftover dirt, oils, and bacteria.

When you cover your face, some skin care products and makeup can exacerbate issues. Try to let your skin breathe by wearing less of these products or skipping them altogether when you wear a mask.

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2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Maskne: Homeopathic Solutions for Breakouts”

  1. Do you have a homeopathic I can use in place of COVID 19 vaccine ? This is for myself and my family, as we have always benefited from homeopathics and wish to continue. We don’t want to be forced to use a vaccine that hasn’t been adequately tested nor potential of compromising our immunity.
    Thank for your help,
    Maryann Roberts
    Windsor, CA.

    1. Hi Maryann, we do not recommend any of our products to be used for the treatment or prevention of coronavirus as symptoms can be severe.

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