Arnicare is a Must-Have for These Competitive Cyclists

Last updated on August 22nd, 2022 at 11:02 am

At Boiron, we always love hearing from our fans! More recently, we heard from two competitive cyclists who have made Arnicare a permanent fixture in their medicine cabinets and wanted to share their stories with you.

A few weeks ago, cyclist Michael J. Zerinskas headed out on a five-hour training ride in the rain. He ended up in the emergency room after taking a pretty nasty fall. In his search for “something that could get [him] back on two wheels quicker than not,” he found Arnicare Cream.

“After only two days of application, to say there was a noticeable difference in the level of swelling, bruising, and pain would be an understatement. The bruising on my hip was 90 percent gone. While the discoloration took a few more days to fully subside, Arnicare seemed to stop it in its tracks and cleared things up much faster than the few other times I have crashed. The condition of my elbow, which was in far worse shape to begin with, was no less startling. Much of the swelling around the torn area had receded, while the skin discoloration was all but gone.” According to Zerinskas, “Every athlete should have a tube of [Arnicare Cream] in their house.”

Click here to read the rest of Zerinskas’ comments on Arnicare Cream, or here to check out his website, BALM Co., a comprehensive source for education and in-depth reviews about chamois creams, embrocation, recovery oils, and other performance skincare products for athletes.

As a former soccer player and a current competitive cyclist, Kat Carr has experienced her fair share of broken bones, sore muscles and road rash. And since high school, her mom has been supplying her with Arnica montana to treat her injuries.

“For over a decade now, I’ve kept Arnicare Cream and Gel on hand for tough training days, bumps and bruises, and long car rides. The form of my occasional aches and pains have taken over the years has changed with my transition from a D1 soccer player to a competitive cyclist. With long hours on the bike, a great deal of time lugging a heavy bike case through airports, and racing at the professional level (with some races lasting 7 days in a row!), I still rely on Arnicare to keep my body feeling fresh and ready to go.”

Click here to read the rest of Carr’s “Ode to Arnicare!” and find out what other Boiron homeopathic medicines she keeps in her first aid kit.

*Disclosure: Arnicare sponsors Kat Carr’s racing team, Paceline Projects p/b Veloforma.

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