Men and Stress: The Case for Homeopathy

By Dr. Ronald Boyer

For thousands of years, the “fight or flight” response has served humankind well, helping us survive dangerous situations and encounters with predators. A little stress is also a good motivator as it can compel us to react quickly in emergencies.

These days it’s rare to experience such predatorial threats, yet our bodies are still wired to react. The demands of everyday life, financial hardships, and relationship conflicts are just a few of the many modern sources of stress. And men are particularly vulnerable to the damages it poses to their health, even though they’re less likely to report being affected by it. If left unchecked, stress in men is more likely to cause high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease than it is in women. Men may also struggle more to maintain the kinds of healthy habits that can help keep stress effects at bay, such as getting enough sleep, eating right, or exercising. 

This is where homeopathic medicines and training truly excel. Homeopathy is a unique and precious clinical tool for stress management, and its value is best appreciated when it is taken out of the toolbox and put to work. It teaches that we must think a bit more broadly; recognizing the individual terrain in which a disease arises must be taken into consideration to affect a complete cure. This is essential in the treatment of stress-related problems, as people (and genders) manifest symptoms differently.

Our concern for our patients’ well-being and our commitment to restoring them to health goes beyond the “one size fits all” prescriptions in conventional medicine. By taking a little extra time and asking specific questions, we can find the right course of homeopathic treatment. In doing so, we also avoid the dangers that come with promiscuous prescription of anxiolytics and sedatives that may or may not have worked for patients in the past.

Let homeopathy serve as your ally against stress at your practice. Check in with your male patients and assess their stress levels. It may take a few visits, but with their accurate feedback, I have confidence that you will be able to work together to find the path back to health and well-being.

Ronald Boyer, MD, is president of the Center for Education and Development of Clinical Homeopathy (CEDH), a subsidiary of the International Foundation for Clinical Homeopathy (IFCH), which trains doctors in clinical homeopathy in more than 20 countries throughout the world. Dr. Boyer is also a founding member of the International Medical Homeopathic Organization (OMHI), and co-author of several books on homeopathy.


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