Flu Season

Last updated on March 3rd, 2022 at 08:52 pm

Flu season is upon us, prompting people nationwide to take steps to try to stay as healthy as possible. Keep reading to find out what you can do to keep you and your family as healthy as possible.

An Uncertain Season

Flu seasons are unpredictable, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s difficult to identify exactly when the season begins, the severity, and how long the flu season will last. The flu season is broadly considered to run from November through April, with most cases occurring between December and March.

Steps to Stay Healthy

What can you do to fight germs and build a strong immune system during this season?

First, wash your hands often! The importance of hand-washing can’t be emphasized enough.
Flu viruses spread through droplets from infected people when they sneeze, blow their nose, or wipe away secretions from their nose or eyes. Encourage children to keep hands out of their mouths, avoid rubbing their eyes and wash their hands thoroughly several times a day, especially before meals.

Eat healthy with a diet rich in vitamins C and E. Foods containing these vitamins are believed to help support the immune system. Vitamin C can be found in foods like orange juice, citrus fruits, broccoli and green peppers. Foods rich in vitamin E include sunflower and corn oils, sunflower seeds, and nuts such as almonds.

Drink plenty of fluids. Increasing your water intake will help you stay healthy and reduce your chances of coming down with the flu.

The Importance of Sleep and Exercise

Get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep may weaken the immune system. Get a full night’s sleep to keep your body’s natural defenses at optimum efficiency.

Exercise regularly. Research suggests that exercise can stimulate the immune system. It also helps you sleep better.

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What If You or Your Child Gets the Flu?

Keep Boiron Oscillococcinum readily available. Oscillococcinum, one of the world’s most popular flu medicines, can reduce the duration and severity of flu-like symptoms when it is taken at the onset of symptoms.

Plus, unlike other flu medicines, Oscillococcinum works without causing drowsiness and it does not interfere with other medications. This makes it a top choice for self-treatment. It is recommended for both children (older than 2 years of age) and adults, and if you’re using the medicine for your child, he or she will love its kid-friendly taste.

What Else Can You Do?

If you or a loved one gets the flu, keep in mind that drinking extra fluids prevents dehydration caused by fever, it loosens mucus and it keeps the throat moist.

Take It Easy

If you or your child comes down with the flu, take it easy or encourage your child to rest a lot. Using excessive energy steals valuable resources from your immune system. Even attempting to perform normal activities at work or school may be too much.

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Although the flu season is uncertain, we can take steps to keep ourselves and our family healthy with preventive measures and an eye on reliable medicines like Boiron Oscillococcinum.

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